What Will 2019 Hold? We’ve Got Some Smart Predictions For You

For the past three years, SMS – Smart Made Simple has enjoyed year-on-year growth. Even through turbulent times, the company has remained profitable and financially stable. As the industry kicks off a new year, let’s look back at SMS throughout 2018 and look forward to projections for 2019.

During 2018, SMS – Smart Made Simple, focused on differentiating their core competencies with developmental customers and confident leadership. In September 2018, Andrew Maddock, Managing Director of SMS, made the decision to invest in industry-leading talent with the appointment of Andy Elms as Head of Manufacturing.

Over the past 12 months, SMS has opened new market possibilities as a respected electronics manufacturing service provider for new and emerging developmental companies, becoming the UK source for electronics start-ups to come to life.

During 2018, SMS understood that by making the right investments in the right people, processes, and technology, the company would be able to offer a solution to a technology cluster of customers whose market requirements were not being fulfilled.

Looking across the traditional electronics manufacturing space into non-traditional, SMS has become known industry-wide for its work in medical and industrial markets. These markets share unique characteristics, such as high complexity and high configurability, suitable only for high reliability certified low-to-medium volume production environments.

In today’s complex business environment, SMS has redoubled its efforts and increased its focus on innovation. Non-traditional EMS sectors, such as industrial and medical electronics, continue to be stronger industry growth drivers for SMS. By examining the production lifecycle to understand where else SMS could add-value and ‘stickiness’, led to strategic partnerships being formed. This helped ensure a complete end-to-end service, offering vertical integration capabilities.


It’s easy to describe 2018 as a year of strategic awareness and change, aligned with the rapid pace of technological advancements, innovation, and the market environment. So, what about 2019?

SMS is confident in the outlook for 2019, based on the company’s strengthening wins, momentum and record funnel. Economic and political influences such as; China’s slowed growth and increased labour costs and a renewed focus on UK manufacturing, help to position SMS as the regional/local EMS partner, who makes total landed cost sense, can deliver on product quality and production yield, while operating in their customers’ local language, time-zone and culture.

In conclusion, as SMS looks ahead into 2019, the company will remain committed to its community social responsibility, with a focus on education, job training, and charity work.

Andrew Maddock, CEO, SMS – Smart Made Simple commented, “SMS will continue to move forward, to enable tomorrow’s future.”