Supply Chain Intelligence

In today’s fast paced, developing world, supply chains have become more complex.

The need to map out your end-to-end supply chain, has become more and more important, to understand time, risk, cost, profit.

Customers come to SMS, as we offer them an understanding of their total landed cost and complete supply chain transparency and traceability, as advanced software solutions continue to transform the supply chain and devices become inter-connected, to create the Internet of Things (IoT).

At SMS we understand that technological changes are transforming manufacturing and supply chains.  3D printing, Industry 4.0 and automation are only three examples of technical advancements and the move towards the smart and connected factory, that is data driven for complete customer control.

Hear from our experts:

By harnessing technology at the speed of innovation, SMS understands how performance is improving year-on-year, especially at the lower volume / higher mix product configuration level.  Competitiveness is being achieved in the UK, which was once considered a higher cost economy.

SMS provides a total smart supply chain management solution, from concept to creation through to our customer, which increases our customers’ flexibility and reduces distribution barriers, turnaround times and overall transportation and product costs.

Product fulfilment and vertical integration with first-rate component capabilities, help OEMs create market-leading products.

  • Reducing capital investments and production costs
  • Accelerating time to market, time to volume, time in market and time to profit
  • Improving inventory management
  • Enhancing purchasing power


At SMS we ask our customers to consider:

  • A full time, risk, cost and profit assessment of their supply chain
  • Does your production lifecycle reflect the advantages of the new technological supply chain advancements?
  • Are you designing your product for the smart supply chain of the future and is it future proof?

SMS helps OEMs to effectively optimize their operational efficiency, by introducing them to a smart supply chain solution to ensure speed, transparency and traceability, avoiding risk, whilst reviewing their total cost of ownership for cost and profit control.


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