Through our dedicated Development Centre and our Operations, we connect you to the right kind of technology at the right stage of your product/production lifecycle

This allows us to offer resources such as engineering, design for manufacturing (DFM), supply chain optimisation, prototyping, failure analysis, testing, production and transfer:

  • Concept to creation, from early idea, to final product fulfilment
  • Engineering design support, DfX, value engineering
  • Providing hardware start-ups with access to design, manufacturing and technical expertise
  • Meeting quality standards for High Reliability industries
  • Full vertical integration offering


  • We are structured to ensure customers never get lost in the system, irrespective of their size or product type
  • We can build from single digit, to volume manufacturing for high-mix applications
  • Typical batch sizes range from one or two pieces, right through to several thousand
  • From concept to creation to customer and beyond, offers one touch point, to simplify your supply chain, ensure transparency and remove risk, especially in those high reliability, certified markets and where IP counts
  • From small hand-held devices, to massive electro-mechanical products, we provide every market niche with a total supply chain solution


Product types are just as diverse:

  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Hand held instrumentation
  • Telecom infrastructure switches
  • Industrial meters
  • Control panels for white goods
  • Large form factor capital equipment, where multimillion dollar systems may be built at a rate of just one a month

***Filmed prior to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures were put in place***

Andrew Challenger

Development Centre Manager

Andrew discusses, when you think about EMS you think about large scale production and high volume. But as more customised solutions increase in popularity, the market now demands a nimbler approach. The EMS companies that cater to low-to-medium volume/high mix, complex assembly, like Smart Made Simple (SMS), offer that solution.