Built-In Expertise

SMS welcomes you to the world of manufacturing, engineering, and technical innovation

***Filmed prior to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures were put in place***

Sarah Markowski

Human Resources Manager

Sarah discusses the importance of implementing a common company culture and values throughout an organisation for successful integration and company success.

We develop partnerships which combine expertise, leading industry processes and technologies and offer access to a global supply chain.

Our smart supply chain reduces risk and cost and creates competitive advantage by accelerating time-to-market, giving more time-in-the-market.

SMS’ goal is simple: to provide local, regional, and global customers with specialised EMS services and capabilities close to their own facilities and end markets.

With 100+ years of electronics manufacturing industry know-how, SMS nurtures innovation, offering customers tailored solutions for their complex, highly-diversified business.  We specialise in low volume/high mix (LV/HM) complex PCB Assembly for start-ups and established brands.

SMS is a privately owned, financially stable company led by our industry and customers, not the stock market. That means our management team are accessible, agile, and flexible, with the power to make fast investment decisions whilst remaining responsive to industry change.

The SMS team consists of industry and market specific experts:

“My role within SMS hasn’t disappointed. As I looked to join this industry, I obviously did my homework and there are a few EMS companies out there. The quality of our work has become a talking point within the start-up community, which has led to a lot of referral business. So, this helps me to help others, it’s Smart Made Simple.”

Keiran Dromgool
New Business Development

“Innovation is allowing for smaller, smarter and more efficient products. We have introduced great knowledge-sharing platforms, lowering the barriers for prototype services and opening the marketplace for both software and hardware products, services and solutions.”

Dmitrijs Gusarovs
Development Services Engineer

“Manufacturing & managing the supply chain has become a multi-skilled environment. Advances mean that traditional skill-sets have merged with ICT to create diverse roles. Smarter tech will continue to drive the need for speed.”

Tom Walker

SMS has a dedicated management structure

“Working towards continuous alignment between the commercial side of SMS and future technological advancements, without losing the connection with common sense manufacturing and world-class quality, engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship.”

Andrew Maddock
Co-owner and Managing Director

“The advancements in technology have captured the imagination of our next generation. We support our local community and learning institutions to ensure manufacturing is perceived as a challenging yet, rewarding and exciting choice, to propel innovation and ensure our shared future.”

Craig Taylor
Co-owner and Financial Director

“The future… a virtual reality enabled environment, where innovators, start-ups and established technology companies access ideas quickly, enhance designs in a near instantaneous time-frame and identify the most optimal functionality design for commercialisation rapidly.”

Chris Johns
Chief Technology Officer