SMS – Smart Made Simple is the link that helps TrainFX’s electronics manufacturing to run smoothly

Meet Martin Lyons, QHSE Manager at TrainFX, who will discuss why TrainFX selected SMS – Smart Made Simple, as their preferred electronics manufacturing partner (EMS).

TrainFX is a UK based engineering and rail technology company specialising in bespoke, turn-key, and fully integrated on-train solutions, that include devices such as; passenger information systems, crew communications, call for assistance devices, seat sensor technology, CCTV operations, and passenger counting systems.

Business has significantly increased for TrainFX over the past few years, and is projected to grow further over the coming years due to constant research and development, innovation, and the enhancement of existing and new technology.

TrainFX is an ISO 9001 and ISO 1401 company, and takes these quality standards incredibly seriously. When selecting an EMS partner, they had to ensure that they went into an agreement with a company who worked to the same quality standards.  SMS – Smart Made Simple, matches TrainFX in regards to meeting rigorous certification and compliance standards in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, IPC 610 and BSEN 9100.

In the partnership agreement, TrainFX also benefits from the advantages that Design for Manufacture (DFM) brings, as well as SMS’s abilty to deliver a quick speed prototype turnaround rate.

SMS – Smart Made Simple, can offer a high degree of flexibility within its manufacturing environment, as the company’s ‘Development Centre’ is in-house, and a fully integral part of the manufacturing facility.  This facilitates the small batch prototype requirement that customers like TrainFX often have.  SMS is agile, responsive, and able to scale from volumes of one, through to 10,000’s of prototype units.

“At every point of the production lifecycle journey, we feel that SMS – Smart Made Simple, are with us.” Martin comments.

TrainFX is the market expert in their field and SMS – Smart Made Simple is the UK leading expert in theirs.  TrainFX appreciates the value that this collaborative model brings, as their engineers can speak to the SMS engineers with a shared agenda, to enhance the product for performance, and optimise manufacturing yield.

The speed of development is crucial in the market TrainFX serves. To have the ability to access a quick turnaround on prototypes makes a substantial difference, building in time in the supply chain to get the product ready for market, or to visit where improvements can be made in a battle against the clock.

“The approach that SMS takes during this critical speed to development, time in the market stage, is almost paternalist.  They physically hold our hand to help us bring our product to market.”  Martin concludes.

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