SMS are passionate about making sure that they have the total package to satisfy their developmental customers’ requirements for quick turnaround prototypes

You may have recently read the SMS news regarding the official opening of their UK-based product development centre opening, but let’s rewind to understand the complete venture and its process, which runs far deeper throughout the company’s entire culture.

People are our unique differentiator

sms “In an increasingly fast-paced world, every company is challenged with staying ahead of their competition.  Making the correct use of the talent that exisit within our business is an integral part of making that happen”.  Sarah Markowski, Human Resources Manager, SMS states

“In preparation for our Development Centre opening, we had already identified two key members of the SMS team that wanted to enhance their skill set and were hungry for further responsibility.  SMS are a ‘learning organisation’ and we continuously work with industry associations and business partners to ensure that we employ and retain the highest caliber of employees within UK manufacturing”.  Ms. Markowski concludes

The two employees that Ms. Markowski refers to are Mr. Tony Fletcher and Ms. Claire West, who are both now newly qualified Development Services Technicians.

For Mr. Fletcher and Ms. West to efficiently and effectively operate the new Mycronic equipment, the Mycronic MY600 Jet Printer and the Mycronic MY200SX Placement, training had to take place that was officially assessed and accredited by Mycronic.  As a result, both Mr. Fletcher and Ms. West went through the ‘Operator and Programmer Training’ program and are now fully certified by Mycronic.

The industry recognised training program provides the technicians with an understanding of how the equipment works and what its extensive capabilities are, from hardware to software, online and offline (MYCenter).

 “We are incredibly proud of our people”, Mr. Graham Shaw, COO, SMS states, “they repeatedly step up to support SMS with energy and enthusiasm, never becoming complacent or unsure of expanding out with their comfort zone.  We at SMS believe that our ‘built-in expertise’ is what is really unique and that is what truly helps us to stand out in the UK electronics manufacturing market.”