SMS Electronics strives to make the entire electronics design, development and distribution process smart and simple for customers.

But don’t just take their word for it, listen to what their customers have to say:

Meet Mark Smith, Product Engineer, from a division in Ramtech,  Ramtech is the UK’s leading wireless systems technology specialist, delivering innovative safety and security solutions for the leisure and construction industries.

Security solution for the construction industry

As Ramtech grew, the company made the strategic decision to outsource their manufacturing to a partner that better suited their evolving needs.  SMS – Smart Made Simple become an attractive option for Ramtech due to their close proximity.  They are currently only one mile away Ramtech’s Headoffice in Nottingham, UK, it doesn’t get much closer than that.  But, putting convenience to one side, the main contributing factor was quality, regardless of ease, if the manufacturing and operational quality were not superior, they would have continued their search.

Ramtech design and develop life-saving equipment, which is why quality is at the top of their ranking assessment and assurances.  As a result, they require their partners to be quality standard ISO 9001 certified, which takes into account controls and measurements as key success contributors.

Security solution for the lesuire industry

The SMS facility is exemplary and the team at Ramtech proudly take their customers into the manufacturing environment to showcase their products being produced.  This eradicates any concerns that a Ramtech customer may have, as they see from themselves the care, attention to detail and the quality standards that team SMS live and breathe by.

Ramtech takes full advantage of their relationship with SMS and continues to see the business benefits outsourcing brings.  They have more time to focus on their core competencies such as R&D, New Product Introduction, market entry, growth, and development as well as sales and marketing.

As a result, Ramtech’s long-term plan is to continue to collaborate with SMS with a view to successfully and sustainably growing both businesses.  Achievement for one partner drives accomplishment for the other.  It’s a two-way street.  It’s Smart Made Simple.