Both start-ups and established companies need to harness innovation as a means of competitive advantage and a means to maintain pricing strength

There is a market understanding that innovation is no longer only the responsibility of the company’s R&D team.

More and more OEMs are partnering with outsourcing partner to harness their concept to creation experience, expertise and abilities, whilst protecting their IP.

Given the growing complexity and the risk associated with product introduction, whether that be existing, or new technology, OEMs understand that their need is the success rate of product introduction, development and market adoption in an environment where speed-to-market is critical.

Hear from our experts:

***Filmed prior to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures were put in place***

Keiran Dromgool

Business Development Manager, Development Centre

Keiran describes our ‘Dedicated Development Centre’ with its high-end resources, cutting-edge equipment, and standalone growth strategy, to harness technology in Nottingham, for Nottingham.