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SMS helps OEMs bridge the supply chain performance and technology gap.

A recent survey* suggests that more than 64% of electronic OEMs believe that supply chain management gives competitive advantage, whilst only 29% believe that they have a supply chain that is nimbler than their competitors.

SMS understands how the pace of innovation transforms manufacturing and supply chains. We understand how emerging manufacturing software and hardware solutions such as 3D printing, Industry 4.0, automation and increasing inter-connectivity of devices can enable complete customer control through smart, connected and data-driven manufacturing.

SMS help OEMs create market-leading products by managing their supply chain from concept, to creation, to customer. We assess time, risk, cost and profit factors, source new technologies and future-proof product design and manufacturing processes, to deliver end-to-end product fulfilment, vertical integration and first-rate component capabilities.

The smart supply chain helps accelerate time to market, time to volume, time in market and time to profit by:


  • Reducing distribution barriers
  • Reducing transportation costs
  • Reducing production costs
  • Reducing risk
  • Reducing capital investments
  • Increasing operational efficiency and flexibility
  • Increasing speed of production
  • Increasing transparency and traceability
  • Increasing purchasing power
  • Increasing management of inventory

*source – Riverwood Solutions 2016

SMS has significantly enhanced its ability to serve OEMs by organising the company into a focused, market-segment approach.

This strategy brings greater value and innovation to our customers, improves OEM competitiveness, and increases our ability to continuously improve services for each market segment.

This offers OEMs the economies-of-scale of centralised core services such as design, procurement, manufacturing and engineering services, distribution and IT.

These market-tailored services are vertically integrated with our cost-effective component solutions and address the unique product design, manufacturing, and logistics considerations of OEMs across a variety of industries.

Through our market-focused leadership strategy, SMS can make fast, flexible decisions in response to changing market conditions. This enables customers to optimise supply chain operations, accelerate time to market and time to volume, whilst reducing capital investments and production costs.