A New Year, a Fresh Face for SMS – SMS Shows Us How to Make Smart Simple

The New Year is all about the resolutions you make and 2017 is off to a promising start for SMS.   The leading U.K. based Manufacturing Service Provider (MSP), SMS, launches a new brand identity, message to the market and website, highlighting innovation in a smart and simple way

SMS have just stepped forward to give recognition to the fast paced and pioneering world we live in, acknowledging that it’s not only the OEM who needs a strong identity, value proposition and marketing campaign to gain a competitive advantage.

SMS, Smart Made Simple, are proud to announce the launch of their highly creative and company relevant brand identity and visual suite.

As we enter a New Year, SMS decided that it was time to reinvent the company.  SMS has an enviable and prestigious brand heritage, with almost 100 years as a manufacturer.  Established in 1920, as a manufacturing facility for Ericsson, the company transitioned to GEC Plessy Telecommunications, then Siemens, before entering the market in 2002, as SMS.  The company may have gone through a few changes, but the dedication and employee commitment to delight customers, is unwavering.

Andrew Maddock, CEO, explains; “Over the lifetime of SMS, the company has moved from being an electronics manufacturing service provider, (EMS) to supply chain solutions company.  We offer full production lifecycle management, from concept, to creation, to commercialisation, to customer.  Perceptions of our brand however, didn’t reflect our evolution, which is why we decided to move into 2017 with a brand that is aligned to our current reality and future desired state.”

Giving the company a facelift was only one element to the rebrand.  Mr. Maddock confirms; “We reassembled our brand architecture to ensure our new message addressed the fact that we are a flexible, agile company. 

We are dedicated to managing low volume, highly complex products, from concept through to product realisation, across high reliability industries and certified markets; aerospace & defense, communications, industrial and medical.  As we are one of the only U.K. manufacturing companies to offer full end-to-end services, we need our marketing message to be overt as we overcome perception barriers from PCBA to full fulfilment, into logistics, distribution and after-market services.”

Before their official launch, SMS were clever enough to test their message in their market, providing them with the results that they were looking for.

“We’ve learned that our new identity and message speaks to our established customer, the brand leading and household logos, as well as innovators and start-ups.  This is exactly what we were trying to achieve, the right blended solution, with an offering that can be tailored, like an architect, to suit whatever our customer’s needs may be, whether they are the large technology leaders of today, or the emerging solution for tomorrow.” Mr. Maddock states.

When asked, what SMS stands for, Mr. Maddock laughs and concludes that it means several things and will hold a different message for varying audiences, but for him it means “our SMS goal is smart and simple: to provide local, regional and global customers with specialised services and capabilities close to their own facilities and end markets.”