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The Chain of Innovation

Proud to be a British Company. By Pete Joburns, Principal Engineer, Smart Made Simple

Smart Made Simple – SMS, has been the go-to-place for Electronic Manufacturing Services for almost 100 years, as the Nottingham facility sits central to the home of UK’s innovation.

SMS is within a 200-mile radius of:

• The leading engineering universities where many of the technology patents of tomorrow, are being developed today
• The key industry associations, which enable us to drive our Knowledge Network
• The main UK innovation hot spots e.g. Cambridge, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham, that have a pioneering spirit within their DNA


Let us bring your product to life

SMS has been helping companies produce their products for almost 100 years. With this lengthy experience and heritage, you gain a vast understanding of how to get a product to market in the simplest and smartest way.

But, it’s not just experience. How we manufactured in the early days is not how we manufacture today. Meeting today’s market requires a well-educated team, knowledgeable in the latest international standards, a skilled workforce who know how to apply these rules, and the necessary equipment to meet these goals.

As a result, our New Product Introduction (NPI) team can check your product against SMS Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) services. This will speed up the introduction of your prototype, or new products, to the market


We have the technology

To keep pace with advancing technologies, SMS is constantly challenged to find solutions to new components, complex designs and mixed technology boards. To meet this need, SMS has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, tailor-made for prototype, small-batch production.

Mycronic MY600 Jet Printer. Traditional production would have to design a screen print stencil, planning for 70 to 80% paste release, Component size variation may require step stencils, and machine set up may show up a stencil problem requiring a new stencil or some rework.

Mycronic MY200SX Placement: With placement, the biggest issue is that not all the parts supplied will be available in tape and reel, in a lot of cases loose parts are common for prototypes, and volume placement machines are not best suited to this type of loose component manufacture.

Quicky 450-Vapour Phase Reflow, Vapour phase reflow that can take all types of cards, from the very small, to quite large, and all with no change to the reflow profile.


We have the process

We support your product with supply chain optimisation, including last time buys and obsolescence issues. Planning and scheduling are complex due to each customers product having different end product requirements.

Setting a process flow is also dependant on product complexity. With simple issues like hand soldering or special functional tests, each product requires its own unique route through our manufacturing process.

About Smart Made Simple – SMS

Smart Made Simple – SMS, is the U.K.’s leading electronics Manufacturing Service Provider.

From concept to creation, to commercialisation, to customer, for all technology companies. Whether you are a start-up, or an established household brand name, if you have a design, engineering, manufacturing or supply chain problem, thanks to the diversity of our experience and scalable service, SMS has the solution to make it simpler

Since 1920, SMS has manufactured electronics products from the same home in Nottingham, U.K. For almost 100 years, we have been the company behind the ideas, offering agile and adaptive supply chain solutions, that bring products to market faster, smarter and simpler and without compromise to quality and performance

Leader in the specialist low – medium volume, high mix, highly complex manufacturing services market space, SMS has earned critical industry facility certifications, that brings full viability and credibility to the aerospace & defence, communications, industrial and medical markets. SMS brings the right scale, capabilities and competitive solutions to customers needing high-reliability attention, product realisation and supply chain optimisation.

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