Case Studies

Martin Lyons

QHSE Manager at TrainFX

Meet Martin Lyons, QHSE Manager at TrainFX, who will discuss why TrainFX selected SMS – Smart Made Simple, as their preferred electronics manufacturing partner (EMS). TrainFX is a UK based engineering and rail technology company specialising in bespoke, turn-key, and fully integrated on-train solutions, that include devices such as; passenger information systems, crew communications, call for assistance devices, seat sensor technology, CCTV operations, and passenger counting systems.

Mark Smith

Product Engineer – Ramtech Electronics

Meet Mark Smith, Product Engineer, from a division in Ramtech Electronics, UK’s leading wireless systems technology specialist, delivering innovative safety and security solutions for the leisure and construction industries. Ramtech Electronics takes full advantage of their relationship with SMS and continues to see the business benefits outsourcing brings. They have more time to focus on their core competencies such as R&D, New Product Introduction, market entry, growth, and development as well as sales and marketing.

Outsourcing Guide

Once an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has made the decision to outsource their electronics manufacturing the next step for them is to find a suitable Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) or Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM).  In our Outsourcing Guide we walk you through the factors to take into consideration for the perfect fit partnership, it’s Smart Made Simple.

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