It’s 2018 and it’s going to be a Smart Made Simple Year!

As you said goodbye to 2017 and as 2018 entered, did you make your New Year’s resolution?  SMS – Smart Made Simple, leading Nottingham headquartered Electronics Manufacturing service provider (EMS) did!

To dominate the U.K. EMS landscape

And how do they plan to do this?  By making an investment in their Sales and Marketing business strategy.

Anita Brown has been promoted to Business Development Manager.  Anita brings more than 25 years of experience in the electronics industry and holds a key role in sales, as well as managing customer and supplier relationships. Her experience to date ranges from chemical manufacturing, through to distribution and production in sales management and customer service.

In her new role, Anita’s goal is to grow the existing organic business, combined with the conversion of new customers.  She aims to drive diversity across multiple market segments, from the traditional sectors of industrial and communications to non-traditional and emerging segments such as; energy, medical and A&D.

Andrew Maddock, CEO stated; “It’s been exciting to be part of the SMS – Smart Made Simple’s success story so far, and with the development of our Sales and Marketing team, we are looking forward to 2018 and the growth that it will bring to our business.  Congratulations Anita for all of her hard work, which we recognise and reward.”

 About SMS

SMS – Smart Made Simple is the U.K.’s leading Manufacturing Service Provider.

From concept to creation, to commercialisation, to customer, for all technology companies. Whether you are a start-up, or an established household brand name, if you have a design, engineering, manufacturing or supply chain problem, thanks to the diversity of our experience and scalable service, SMS has the solution.

Since 1920, SMS has manufactured electronics products from the same home in Nottingham, U.K. For almost 100 years, we have been the company behind the ideas, offering agile and adaptive supply chain solutions, that bring products to market faster, smarter and simpler.

Leader in the specialist low volume, highly complex manufacturing services market space, SMS has earned critical industry facility certifications, that brings full viability and credibility to the aerospace & defence, communications, industrial and medical markets. SMS brings the right scale, capabilities and competitive solutions to customers needing high-reliability attention, product realisation and supply chain optimisation.

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